Do you need a certified wash?

Chemicals washing and heating are our specialties.

We are at a neuralgic point for Southern and Center Italy. You can find us at the freeway junctions of Ferentino and Frosinone.

Technical & Washing

Our Unique Value: A Strategic Location

Our station for washing and reheating is in the central part of Italy, near the industrial areas of Frosinone, Pomezia, and Pozzilli

This position allows us to serve all the means of transport to the south of Italy. We are connected to the most important producers of the Lazio region and interconnected to the Campioni-Gemina freeway network, in Patrica, in the province of Frosinone, close to the A1 exit. 

This strategic position is crucial for transportation companies that need heating and rewashing. It means being able to optimize times and costs when planning their journey.

With Campioni-Gemina you can quickly and effectively get the cleaning cycles you need at the end of each shipment or trip!

Why choose Campioni-Gemina?


State-of-the-art washing and heating station.


Campioni uses washing and heating stations for its tank containers.


We can wash and heat all types of liquid and solid chemicals.


The entire plant is designed for the needs of the chemical and food industry.

Certifications and authorizations

The plant is certified according to the quality standards of international norms: ISO 9001, SQAS, and has a system for the disposal of post-washing water. We are EFTCO associates for a self-control management system.

Real-time monitoring

We use software that allows us to constantly monitor the tanks’ temperature for both washing and heating with the possibility of reports if required.

Professionalism since 1994

We hold complete knowledge of the laws that regulate the transport and washing/heating sectors.

Internal/external washing of road tanks, Internal/external washing of tank containers and silos:

Specialists in: Sanitization

We guarantee the optimal sanitization of tanks, silos, and IBCs.

We are EFTCO associates and issue ECDs recognized at the European level. It is the only document that certifies the correct washing of tanks/silos/fridges.

The station is of the latest generation. It can complete a cleaning and sanitizing cycle at controlled temperatures and steam in a few minutes.

We use a centesimal regulator dispenser and suitable and certified detergents for the washing. The products are compatible with tank containers, tanks, silos, and containers for the transportation of food. 

We can offer a complete service that allows the transport of liquid chemical products of any kind and bulk food liquids, such as oil, milk, wine, water, juices. Our priority is protecting and preserving the quality of the product and what transports it.

All the services of Gemina Station:

Campioni's Turnkey service:

Upon request, we can deliver three different kinds of heating in nine stations. The heating is carried out both by steam and water with monitoring in direction.

Hot water


Electric current

Upon customer request, we can modulate the temperature for hot water heating. With steam, we can use pressure reduction technology.

We guarantee the Washing and Sanitization of:

Liquid chemicals


Industrial wastes

ADR Waste
Non-ADR Waste
Washing waters


USP Glycol
Medicinal Oils

Food Products

Kerosene FDA


The heating on temperature-regulated tanks is monitored and recorded using a probe with the possibility of issuing reports on request.



We want to design, build and activate purification plants for chemical and biotechnological products. Efficient use of resources and minimization of waste is the basis of our environmental policy.



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We are adjacent to the industrial areas of Frosinone, Pomezia and Pozzilli

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